College Guide: Which Essay Writing Service Should We Choose?

There comes a time when we have to act fast in choosing our essay writing service. However, by acting fast, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to act smart as well. After all, the writing service that we choose may just cost us our grade – and the whole point of hiring a writer is to get the top grade. So how do we know which essay writing service is good and which is not? Obviously, we look for review websites such as and start dissecting it for custom writing service reviews that could give us a clue. Bellow, you will see examples of both good and bad choices for a writing service.

These guys seem to be very picky about who they choose to hire. They all need to have advanced degrees, and if that wasn’t enough, they are also tested for their skills. As a result, their essays generally never fail to get a good grade, which is why we believe they achieved their purpose. The customer service is also pretty good – take that from a person that was also curious about how they deliver and called them non-stop at the oddest hours. They never had a problem answering.
Furthermore, the prices are also pretty good, and they also offer a great deal of discounts and coupon codes. Overall, this is a writing service that students should definitely trust, considering that it delivers best compared to other websites.
We believe that when they made the name for the website, they meant “will provide an essay fast.” However, the problem isn’t that they rush to deliver… it’s that they rush to write, and the quality of the paper is lacking. We’re not saying that it is extremely bad; only that it could be better in exchange for the money that we’re paying. Their testimonials look good, but various independent customer reviews expressed concern regarding the grammar used, and claim that the writers used are anything but natives in English. Sure, you may get your paper ‘rushed’ before the deadline… but is it worth it if your grade is less than satisfactory?
If you don’t want to get a headache from the moment you start placing the order, we suggest you go right past CustomWritings. Most websites try to attract customers by making the order form easy to handle, but this one seems to be intent on losing customers right off the bat. Their rating looks pretty bad on other websites as well, which just further proved our point. The quality of the papers they deliver also fails to rise up to our expectation, and we couldn’t even find any information regarding normal things such as a promo code.
Long story short, a good website that is not fraud or scam will provide you with a high-quality paper in a pleasant manner, while not plucking holes in your wallet. Out of these three websites, only PremierEssay passes our quality test. 
02/06/2018 06:37:39
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